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Optimist vs. Pessimist

As I watch the snow fall outside during this second week of April, I find my outlook changing from optimistic to pessimistic. I ask myself, shouldn’t spring have sprung already??

Do you find yourself having the same internal struggle? What is your outlook on life?

Imagine this scenario: I place a glass of water in front of you, and ask you to comment on the glass. Some of you will say the glass is half-full, some will say the glass is half-empty, and others will say it’s just a glass of water. What do these answers say about each of you?

Glass half-full: Optimist

Glass half-empty: Pessimist

Glass of water: Realist

If you’re an optimist, you are confident about the future. You believe in a high probability of success in any situation. When you are optimistic about something you are filled with hope. Keep in mind though, that staying optimistic beyond the point of reason can lead to failed efforts, investments, and relationships.

If you’re a pessimist, you are concerned for the future and believe in a low probability of success. When you are pessimistic about something you are filled with doubt. On the bright side, pessimism can fuel attention to detail, being careful, and double-checking for accuracy.

Like everything in life, the key is finding a balance. That’s where we find the realists. These are the folks who take life on life’s terms. Their emotions are in check, and they are prepared to navigate through any obstacle.

Now think about some major life changing events that can (and probably will) happen to you and your family. How will you react to a sudden job loss, a market downturn, or even retirement?

Each event could be seen as a crisis or an opportunity. Either way you choose to look at them, when you’re a part of the Investors Advisory Group family you are not going through life’s challenges alone.

At IAG, we like to think of ourselves as realists. Our dedicated advisors have the knowledge and experience to understand the effects that these life changes have on their clients and are prepared to help each family deal with them accordingly.

Whether you are an optimist, or a pessimist (or somewhere in between) we will help you and your family to make good, balanced decisions.


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